Any concerns about there being a next generation in the farming world can be laid to rest when talking about the Orth Family Farm in Eaton. The dairy operation is on their third generation and a fourth is waiting in the wings.

David and Kathleen Orth currently operate the Holstein dairy farm on Evans Road in Eaton. They have around 200 head of cows, milking 110 head at most times. They grow the majority of their cattle feed and produce maple too. Kathleen also teaches 6th grade at Morrisville Eaton High School and both are very active in FAA at both the High School and SUNY Morrisville.

Showing  their huge hearts when the pandemic first hit and grocery store shelves went bare, the couple organized and distributed the first milk drive in their area with the help of the FAA. Kathleen says they were stunned by the turnout and how far people drove to get milk.

Many people told us, it was the first time they had left their house and several actually were afraid of going to the grocery store during the lockdown.

While Dave and Kathleen are the third generation running the farm, the Orth family tree dates back more than one-hundred years. His Great-Great-Grand Father started a creamery in New Jersey that was in the family for generations. His Grandfather, John ,left the creamery, moving to Eaton and starting the current dairy farm in 1952. His father David then assumed operation over the years, and he and Kathleen took over about a year and a half ago.

Kathleen's side of the family also is involved in the dairy world. Her twin, brother John owns and operates Collins Creamery in Rome. He was involved with the Orth farm too, before starting his own operation on Thomas Road. The Orth Family Farm appears set for more generations to come as Dave and Kathleen have five children.

We send our thanks to the Orth family for keeping America and Central New York fed and clothed. And even in times of strife and pandemics, our appreciation for thinking of others first.


We've joined with White's Farm Supply and Louis J Gale and Son Feed Mill in Waterville to spotlight  CNY's hard working farm families. Tell us about your farm or a farmer you know below.

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