When it comes to career fields, you often hear about the shortage of nurses and the bright future in tech fields. You can now add construction workers to the list of jobs that has more opening than employees. Here's where you'll find some of those openings right in Central New York.

Construction of a housing project in Utica brings an opportunity for construction training, apprenticeship programs, and jobs. The Roosevelt Residences Project will contain 25 buildings at 11 sites in the Cornhill neighborhood of Utica. Construction is expected to run through Spring of 2019.

Utica's Housing Authority and Norstar Development USA, are conducting a fee job fair, Tuesday, May 15 at the Utica Public Library. From 3:30 until 7:30 training information and interviews will be conducted. The goal will be to connect local developers and contractors with the local labor force.

No appointments are needed and if you have a resume it could speed up the process for interviews. More details are available on their Facebook event page.


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