Seeing flashing lights in your rear view mirror isn't the greatest way to start your day. Unless you're one central New York couple who were pulled over by Rome police for a surprise proposal.

Brandon and Makayla pulled into the shopping plaza in Rome as 2 police cars followed at 9 this morning. Officer Salle asked Brandon for his license and proof of insurance before saying "someone called in a possible verbal dispute between a male and a female. I'm going to have you step out and talk to you about what's going on."

As Brandon steps out of the car, Officer Page approached the passenger side to explain the situation to Makayla. She then steps out to find Brandon on bended knee.

Makayla Branson

Through tears Makayla said yes....after calling Brandon a choice word for tricking her. But he did good picking out her ring. Check it out.

Makayla Branson

Want to join Brandon with a surprise proposal? Pop the question at FrogFest this year.

Watch the happy moment below and join us in wishing Brandon and Makayla congratulations.