A local man found a disgusting surprise in the bottom of his soda cup from a Valley fast food joint recently.

We hope you're not eating or drinking anything right now. If you are, set it down for a minute.

It happened about a week ago at a Valley fast food restaurant. A man ordered a Dr. Pepper and had almost finished it when he happened to look in the bottom and find not one, but TWO MAGGOTS!


The man who bought the drink says he called the company's corporate offices to report the maggots, and was offered not much other than some free food coupons.

He said that he didn't bother with them because he will not be eating at that restaurant or any of their locations ever again.

Is that the worst thing you've seen from a fast food place?

Or is it the time a Syracuse man found this in his coffee?

Either way, it's safe to say that fast food workers should be checking the cups before they pour a drink. It only takes a second.

How would you handle the situation? Would you ever go back?


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