Imagine drinking a cappuccino and finding a dead mouse at the bottom of the cup. It happened to one man in Syracuse.

"It's just about the grossest thing I can imagine," says the man who wants to remain anonymous.

He says he was drinking the cappuccino through big straw and "it appeared to be almost gone but it still felt heavy and appeared to be a clump in my straw, "I took off the lid and I threw it. There was a dead mouse in it and it wasn't small."

But how did the mouse get in the cup? "There is no way it got in that cup with the lid on. I had only stopped twice and I thought I locked the door."

It didn't happen at the store. "I poured the drink myself; so there is no way it got in there then."

The man travels for his job and says he went to the first job, came back and drank a bit more before heading to his second job. "I told both companies and asked if anyone else has had anything like that happen."

Did someone put the mouse in the cup while it sat in his car? "Nothing was taken in the car and there were many things in there. It looked like it was missing eyes and diseased; like someone found it and put it in my cup."

The man didn't get sick but says he was close. "I had bottle of mouthwash in car and went and bought peroxide to rinse with and even swallowed some."

The mouse mystery remains a mystery but I bet he'll check his drink before every sip for awhile.


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