UPDATE: The thief had a change of heart and returned the Grim Reaper.

People suck! Someone stole Halloween decorations a central New York mother put up in honor of her daughter that passed away unexpectedly this Summer.

Heather Morse lives on a busy street in Dewitt and says her family likes to decorate for the kids. "We always decorate for all the holidays. This year I didn’t plan to after our daughter Alora Ann passed away July 1st with medical issues." Morse says she changed her mind to remember her daughter. "I decided as much as Alora Ann loves holidays and decorations it was the right thing to do."

Heather Morse

On Monday morning Morse noticed part of the display was missing. A giant Grim Reaper and holiday projector globe were stolen from the yard. "They were in the ground and tied," says Morse. "The string was clearly cut."

The Halloween heist left Morse feeling a range of emotions. "I went from being very upset to just sitting here feeling sad."

Morse posted the theft on Facebook, asking the decorations be returned, no questions asked and she says the response was amazing. "I know how many times a day people stop with their children, but the way everyone has reached out and told me how much they love our decorations, I had no idea. I'm overwhelmed and it makes me glad I did decorated."

Despite the plea Morse says the decorations are still missing. "I actually looked outside a few times throughout the night hoping, but they are still gone." But Morse says she only wanted to spread the word and it's turned it something so much more. "All the kind words have made me realize how important the little things are."

Heather Morse