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Utica Woman Finds Knife in Fast Food Bag
Finding something in your fast food bag that doesn't belong isn't unusual. An errant fry with your onion rings or even a mistaken order. But you won't believe what a Utica woman found in hers. What's more shocking is how she was treated when she went in to complain.
Burger King’s Chicken Fries are BACK Today!
For years, I've been curious as to the return of the infamous Chicken Fries from Burger King. They disappeared off of the fast food market for years, and they were my absolute favorite. But that changed today!
Olympic aAthlete Eats 1000 Chciekn McNuggets To Prepare
Usain Bolt may be the fastest man on earth but his training regimen may not be for everyone. Bolt recently was quoted by the New York Post saying that he ate 1000 McDonald's Chicken McNuggets before competing in the 2008 Olympic games in China. Two questions come to mind, why and how?

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