Brad Paisley has been crashing parties and thanking essential workers all across the country during the coronavirus pandemic. His latest venture took him on a Zoom call with some grocery store superheroes in central New York.

Jessica Smith works at the Dewitt Wegman's and recently texted Paisley's fan phone number, telling him about how she and her coworkers had started dressing as superheroes to lift shoppers' spirits. Paisley jumped on a call with the employees and Mike Pysnack explained the fun idea.

"I'll tell you, the response was great," Pysnack said. "We're trying to lighten the mood a little because of everything that's going on."

Many of the Wegman's employees, including Rick Neuser, even came to the call dressed in their superhero getup, and Paisley couldn't help but crack a joke while thanking them for their dedication.

"I'm so inspired by people like you," Paisley said. "What a way to make your customers feel a little bit safer, 'cause I mean look at the muscles on Rick."

Paisley recently joined a happy hour Zoom call with teachers in Watertown, and released his latest single, "No I in Beer," which provides country fans with an easy solution to getting through the current state of the world: drinking.

Have something to tell Brad Paisley? Try texting him like Jessica did, and who knows! He may just respond! His number is 615-235-5921.

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