Brad Paisley is going on a virtual pub crawl, crashing as many zoom parties as he can. He crawled all the way to upstate New York to salute teachers in Watertown.

The six teachers who were drinking wine, had to quickly switch beverages for Paisley and his song 'No I in Beer.' "The song is about beer," he joked. "If anybody deserves a drink right now, it's teachers."

The idea for a virtual Paisley Pub Crawl came after Brad was getting invites from fans. "It's fun but strangely emotional for me," Paisley told Hoda Kotb on the Today Show. "I felt inspired by how these people are adapting and staying connected with friends."

Watch a recap of all Paisley's virtual pub crawls that lasted 3 hours last Saturday. "The ones I didn’t get to, there’ll be a next time," he promised. Just send your Zoom invite to 615-235-5921 and be prepared to sing the chorus of Paisley's "No I in Beer."

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