married with microphones

Find Out What Happened to Tad & Polly’s Deck
"Have you seen what happened to the deck?" A question I was scared to find out the answer to. Did it fall over? I was thankful it was still standing when I walked outside, but surprised to find a huge hole burned through one of the deck benches. What the heck happened and who'…
Ball Barely Misses Polly While Golfing in the Woods [VIDEO]
Golfing in the woods. It's a yearly tradition. Tad and I enjoyed a day full of food, beverages and fun as we figured out how to hit from behind trees, out of creeks and into a 5 gallon bucket without getting hit by balls in this episode of 'Married with Microphones.&apo…
What Happens to Money When You Have Kids [VIDEO]
If there's no milk in the carton that's still in the fridge, the ice cream you bought the day before is already empty and the money from your paycheck is spent before you even cash it, you might have children.
Tad and Polly’s Daughter Gets in An Accident [VIDEO]
A no travel advisory means DON'T travel unless it's necessary. But despite being warned of the weather and terrible road conditions, our daughter just HAD to go snowboarding. I guess that's necessary. Since she knows better than her parents, she hit the road. She came home to break th…
How to Make Poutine Like a Pro [VIDEO]
Poutine. It's a Canadian staple. Never heard of it? It's French fries, cheese curd and brown gravy, basically a heart attack in a bowl. But it's oh so good. Want to make your own? Follow these easy steps.

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