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Tad and Polly’s Daughter Gets in An Accident [VIDEO]
A no travel advisory means DON'T travel unless it's necessary. But despite being warned of the weather and terrible road conditions, our daughter just HAD to go snowboarding. I guess that's necessary. Since she knows better than her parents, she hit the road. She came home to break th…
How to Make Poutine Like a Pro [VIDEO]
Poutine. It's a Canadian staple. Never heard of it? It's French fries, cheese curd and brown gravy, basically a heart attack in a bowl. But it's oh so good. Want to make your own? Follow these easy steps.
Taking a Lantern Tour at Howe Caverns [VIDEO]
Have you ever experienced Howe Caverns? In the latest 'Married With Microphones' episode, Tad and I celebrated our anniversary by taking a lantern tour 156 feet below ground to explore the six million year old cave.
A Week’s Worth of Sand Castles [VIDEO]
It's amazing the people you meet while on vacation. Tim Garber of Canton, Ohio is not only a Buckeyes fan, he's a sand castle connoisseur and provided our daily entertainment while Tad and I spent a week at the beach in North Carolina.
How To Find a Lost Cell Phone in a Giant Ball Pit [VIDEO]
While visiting Ft Rickey, Tad and I enjoyed everything the children's zoo had to offer, including the ball pit. In this episode of Married with Microphones, I found my inner child, jumping around in the pit, but I lost my cell phone. Do you know how hard it is to find a lost phone in a pit full…

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