You see and do a lot of different things on vacation. Take a trip to Mt Killington, Vermont in our latest episode of 'Married With Microphones,' where Tad & I came upon an accident moments after it happened. But the question is how did it happen. A lady drove up a power line because her GPS told her to. Luckily no one was injured. The story even made national news, appearing on CBS.


Most of the vacation in Mt Killington, Vermont was spent on the golf course where we saw the first golf board in the Northeast. It's like a snowboard for your clubs and even has a place to put your drink. I took it on a quick test drive but was too afraid to crashing it before it even hit the course.

The weather was just as beautiful as the scenery. We even met a few Vermont natives who invited us to play in a tournament to benefit underprivileged children in the Northeast. And we got to use an air gun to shoot a ball onto the green. Closest to the hole won a trip. Although I was the closest in our group at a little over 6 feet, another player landed on inches from the hole.

The only thing better than the weather was the beautiful scenery. The majestic mountains were the perfect backdrop for three days of golf. The view from our hotel room wasn't bad either, since we were at the bottom of the ski hill. The hospitality as top notch too. We couldn't have asked for a more relaxing vacation.