There's nothing kids love more on a hot summer day than ice cream. And there's nothing parents love more than when that ice cream is free. Look out Syracuse! There's about to be a lot of happy people today because kids can pick up free ice cream and get that sugary fix.

The Syracuse Police Department is partnering up with Skippy's Ice Cream to hand out free ice cream to kids today between the 900 block of South Townsend Street and Wilson Park. They'll be out and about between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. serving up the sweet scoops.

The department shared info about the event on its Facebook page, noting that the event "is an opportunity to build positive relationships with the community and give back to [the] community in which [they] serve."

Now, adults, you may be wondering: What's the age cutoff for being a kid? They didn't specify but I'm gonna bet we'll have to pay for our cone. Darn.

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Skippy's Ice Cream truck has been out and about in the Central New York community throughout the quarantine, providing yummy treats for birthday parties, graduations, and socially-distant neighborhood gatherings. They also helped celebrate first responders and essential workers this week as a part of a "thank you" event at 4 Seasons Car Wash in Liverpool.

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