Why would you leave a swallow of milk in the fridge? It's a question women have been asking themselves for years. Hear 'What Women Think' to see if we've found the answer.

It happens all the time. There's a glass left in the fridge with nothing more than a swallow. The milk has about an inch in it. You need to scrape the peanut butter jar for enough to cover one piece of bread. There's a single cookie in the package. The chip bag is nothing but crumbs. WHY?

Why can't you drink the last of the milk, eat the final cookie, empty the peanut butter jar and finish off the bag of chips? Is it guilt? Do you think if you don't eat it all it, you're doing us a favor by leaving some? Or is it laziness? You just can't be bother to finish it because then you'll have to throw it away?

Here's what women think. Drink it. Eat it. And throw it away or next time dinner rolls around, you'll be served a peanut butter sandwich that is more bread than peanut butter with one cookie, chip crumbs and an inch of milk.


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