Is chocolate your weakness? When there's some in the house it's hard to resist isn't it? Hear 'What Women Think' when they see chocolate.

If you're like me, chocolate is your kyrptonite. When it's in the house you can hear it calling your name. You'll rationalize why you should have a piece or two. You'll work out a little longer. You'll eat healthy the rest of the week. It's a special occasion. The excuses are endless.

The problem is you can't eat just a 'piece' or two. Every time you walk by the bag of chocolate you grab just one more. Before you know it, the bag is empty and you feel guilty.

All you can do now is it let the guilt go, bury the evidence at the bottom of the trash and buy another bag before anyone figures out it's gone and you're to blame. Then pray you don't eat that bag too.


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