Why can't men finish what they start? Are there several projects around your house that have been ongoing for what seems like forever? Hear 'What Women Think' about all those unfinished home projects.

Is it just in our house where several projects have been unfinished or even unstarted? Like the mysterious fire in our deck that can be fixed by "just replacing two boards." I think that was two years ago. Or the new blinds that still sit in the corner, where it was placed when it was purchased six months ago. It hasn't even come out of the plastic yet.

Then there's the hole in the wall that magically appeared from a supposed weight machine hitting it. Something hit it alright, but I doubt it was non-human. There's also holes in the bathroom wall from the towel rack. Those have been there since just after we moved in.....10 YEARS AGO!

Now it's the fridge door. The bottom has been broken for months, and no one seems to know how. Just a few days ago the handle came off at the bottom. Again, it was no one's fault. But the question now is how long before it comes off completely. Because that's what will happen before it ever gets fixed.

Is this a problem in your house too?


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