In honor of another round of Farm Hands, where Tad & myself head to area farms every Friday, hear 'What Women Think' when lending a hand requires an arm.

On the Fitch family farm in West Winfield, the day started as normal; milking cows and bottle feeding the calves. Then came the daunting task of artificial inseminating not one, but two cows. SAY WHAT?!

Luckily there's a glove for that. And it goes all the way up to the shoulder. If you didn't look or think about what you were really doing, it wasn't all that bad. Unfortunately neither took and the Fitch family was kind enough to invite us back to try again. But I think once was enough.

Hopefully this year's Farm Hands, presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota, will be less messy. If you'd like Tad & Polly to lend a hand, or an arm, sign up your farm below.


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