While shooting an episode of 'What Women Think,' to hear what goes on inside a woman's mind when men drive, Tad almost drove into the building at work.

The morning drive is usually uneventful, especially when Tad is quiet. Today was NOT one of those mornings. The latest Winter storm was dumping heavy snow and plows were out, but it's hard to keep up when snow comes that fast at 3:30 A.M.

Women like to be in control, so to sit in the passenger seat while someone else is driving on slippery, snow covered roads is nerve wracking. Your inner voice is telling you to be calm, everything will be fine, while your foot is pushing on an imaginary brake.

Luckily we made it to work without any problems, other than the second or two we were driving in the middle of the road. That is until Tad almost drove into the building at work. When he hit the brake, his winter boots are so big they hit the gas and brake together. The car went up on the sidewalk, coming a foot or two from driving right into a co-workers office.

I don't think we could have blamed that accident on the weather. I DO think Tad either drives without those damn boots or moves aside and lets me show him how it's done.


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