Some can and some call a professional. Hear 'What Women Think' when husbands become handymen.

When things break around the house, who fixes them? Someone who can do it right the first time or something who 'thinks' they can and weeks later you just end up buying a new one?

The water line in our refrigerator has been broken for awhile. This weekend Tadpole decided to see if he could fix it. Of course it was a much bigger project than he anticipated. After hours of finding the proper tool, cursing when it didn't fit and struggling to see without a flashlight, he realized rather than just replacing the line, we need an entirely new part; a part you have to order online.

All this to have water and ice come out of the fridge? You can get water from the tap and it'd probably be cheaper to buy ice than a new fridge, which is what we'll probably have to do when all is said and done.

To be continued....


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