After 5 years of visiting farms in central New York, it finally happened. We saw a calf being born during 'Farm Hands.' It happened on the Fuess family farm in Madison and you can watch above.

Momma was having her first calf while we were on the farm and needed a little help with her delivery.  Randy and Justin stepped in to pull the baby into the world.  Tt was a magical moment to see the beauty of nature and farmers doing what they do best -- care for their animals. By the way, both mom and baby are doing well.

Cow Gives Birth

The Fuess farm began in 1940 by great grandpa, Ray Fuess. Ray's grandchildren Gary, Randy, and Cindy, and great grandchildren, Garth and Justin keep the farm running today, milking 220 cows three times a day. Down the road is another barn full of 180 cows and calves.

Despite all those animals it's the farmers you have to worry about. A hard lesson learned after falling for the oldest farmer trick in the book - the X on the cow's teet trick. If you look real close to see it, you'll get a FACE FULL OF MILK, which you can also see in the video below.

Thank to the Fuess family for a fun and unforgettable Farm Hands. Want us to come to your farm?

Big Frog highlights farm operations of all kinds from animals to crops, orchards, and landscaping with Farm Hands, presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota. We'll bring tickets to FrogFest, a gift card from White's Farm Supply and breakfast from Riverside Diner. Our grand prize winner gets a free equipment rental.

Fuess Family Farm

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