Our final Farm Hands for 2019 couldn't have had a more appropriate ending than at Sunshine Horses in Clay. The facility rescues horses of various breeds, specializing in racehorses. They're a non-profit group with over 100 volunteers feeding, grooming, and loving on some beautiful animals. Oh yeah, and then there's "mucking stalls."

Kate Starr, Board President at Sunshine Horses, says they go as far as purchasing horses from the slaughterhouse to save them. Other rescues come from horses retired from racing and family's who can longer take care of their animals for health or financial reasons.

At the stable, you'll find retired racehorses, one former civil war reenactment participant, even one that pulled a carriage in New York City. But the real stars of the show are Sunny, a miniature horse whose trick is making a weird noise with his lips (check it out in the video above) and Strawberry, a donkey who will take all the ear scratching you can give.

Want to help Sunshine Horses? You can volunteer to help care for the horses, make financial contributions, donate scrap metal, returnable cans and bottles too. Get more info at their website.

A big thank you to Dianne Sestak with Sunshine Horses for inviting us to visit the stables.

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Sunshine Horses

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