After six years of Farm Hands, we finally made history on the Stanimer Farm in Clayville. Tad did some work!

Ted Stanimer is the 4th generation running the family farm in Clayville. His parents, Larry and Mary remain involved in the operation too. Larry handles the majority of fieldwork and Mom handles feeding the babies. Ted and girlfriend, Carissa take care of the twice-daily milking duties.

The family milks about 70 head daily and are part of the Agri-Mark Co-op that produces Cabot Cheese. We even met Ned (our name for him), a 1-day old bull.

Big Frog highlights farm operations of all kinds from animals to crops, orchards, and landscaping with Farm Hands, presented by White's Farm Supply and Kubota. We'll bring tickets to FrogFest, a gift card from White's Farm Supply and breakfast from Riverside Diner. Our grand prize winner gets a free equipment rental.

Staniner Farm in Clayville

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