The 5 second rule is real right? Hear 'What Women Think' when food falls on the floor while cooking.

We've all done it. Food drops on the floor, we pick it up, blow it off and keep cooking. The other day I dropped bacon and there's no WAY I'm wasting bacon. That'd be like tossing a bottle of wine down the sink; sacrilegious!

Throwing away a hamburger is just as criminal to Tadpole so when I dropped it on the floor, I couldn't toss it. I blew on it, hoping any dirt attached would magically fly off. To be on the safe side, I poured a little wine from my glass on it. The alcohol will kill any germs the cooking doesn't get, won't it? To cover my basis, I covered it in spices. No one can tell the difference between freshly ground pepper and cat litter.

The most important step in the entire process is to strategically place the 'dirt burger' so you don't eat it by accident.

When asked why it tastes 'better than usual,' just say it was the love you cooked into it. They'll never know the difference.


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