If you've never been to the Sterling Renaissance Festival, you're missing out on a beautifully executed fair that transports you back to 1585. Here's a preview of what you can expect to find in the fictional town of Warwick England.

The Festival is set in a wooded area in Sterling NY, that brings you back in time as soon as you enter the gates.

The players you'll find there are 100% authentic with full period costumes, accents and language. You'll be called 'my lord' or 'my lady' more times than you thought possible.

There's something at the Renaissance Festival for everyone from children to adults.

We even found a pair of comedians that perform for adults only. If you like adult-themed comedy, I suggest seeking out Arthur Greenleaf Holmes and his 'Wildly Inappropriate Poetry,' and Churchyard O'Shea for his 'Filthy Irish Stories.'

Of course there's plenty to do that is child-friendly, from face painting and hair braiding to jousting, juggling acts and of course all the food.

One of the more exciting events is everyday when the Queen arrives and leads her Royal Court through the streets in the Grand Parade. You can see video of the parade above.

The festival runs every Saturday and Sunday until mid-August.

For more information on the Sterling Renaissance Festival, visit SterlingFestival.com



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