If you haven't been to the Sterling Renaissance Festival, you're missing out on one of the best and most fun events New York has to offer. Festival performers Elijah and Santiago of Clan Tynker stopped by Big Frog 104 to tell Luke Austin all about the festival and their act.

Clan Tynker is made of of 5 siblings (three brothers and two sisters) who travel the country and perform their 'vaudeville circus' act at renaissance festivals and fairs.

Elijah and Santiago talked with Luke about their act - which includes juggling, magic, acrobatics, and even some death-defying stunts - and what it's like to perform at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Learn how the Tynkers got their start, how they managed to form the act with their siblings(you might be surprised how easy they said that was), and their favorite parts of the Sterling Renaissance Festival in the video above.

My favorite part of getting to visit with Elijah and Santiago Tynker was when I talked Elijah into doing some close-up magic for me. You can see the whole trick in the video.

A huge thank you to The Sterling Renaissance Festival and especially Clan Tynker for stopping by.

You can catch Elijah and Santiago along with the rest of Clan Tynker every Saturday and Sunday at the Sterling Renaissance Festival until August 13.

For tickets and more information visit SterlingFestival.com, and be sure to check out more of Clan Tynker on their Facebook page.



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