Watch city hall turn into a gingerbread house, the courthouse become Stonehenge, as art comes to life.

The Luma festival transforms Binghamton into an immersive outdoor art gallery for the only U.S. festival focusing on projection mapping. "Using powerful projectors and 3D animation, we create the illusion that enormous structures are transforming as if by magic. The light overpowers the surface and the effect seems real."

The festival has 7 new features this year including a light and sound show you can walk through as one of Bingahmton’s downtown parking garages is transformed for Phasing Rain.

Most features are free but 2 require a ticket, including Phasing Rain and The Challenge, a fable told through state-of-the-art projection technique and live performers. "Some of the stage effects deny explanation, but you may be too engrossed in the production’s beauty to even notice."

The Challenge is about 11 minutes long with performances are at 8:30, 9:10 and 9:50 on Sept 6 and 7. Tickets are $7 can be purchased at Ticketmaster or the Arena Box Office.

You can enjoy dinner in the dark at several restaurants throughout the festival and end the night with a Silent Disco at the Lost Dog Cafe. Get your wireless headphones, pick your music and groove all night. Tickets are $12 and get be purchased at

Download the map so you can see all the Luma Festival has to offer September 6th & 7th in Binghamton at

Check out highlights from last year's festival, that brought 30,000 people into the streets for one night.

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