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  • 1

    Made In America - Toby Keith

    A second straight week at #1 for Toby's latest American Anthem. And in these economic times, it's no surprise that Toby's song rings true in a lot of hearts. Including a show and tell at a Michigan Kindergarten Class.

  • 2

    Here For A Good Time - George Strait

    For a guy who never wrote much music, George Strait has certainly continued to turn out the hits now that he started writing. Here For A Good Time is co-written by George, his son Bubba and the guy who has wrote most of George's biggest hits, Dean Dillon.

  • 3

    Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen

    Jake is down to #3 this week after getting his first #1 with this song. Jake says he almost didn't record this song, because an ex-girlfriend told him he should record it. I guess it's a good thing men rarely listen. The album of the same name also debuted at number 1. Check out some of the other songs on the album and more stories from Jake here.

  • 4

    Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band

    There really isn't an Eli Young, it's the combination of Mike Eli and James Young's last name. They met as dorm roommates at a Texas college and found out they both played guitar. After writing some songs together they formed the duo Eli & Young, later meeting Jon Jones and Chris Thompson and becoming a complete band. Opening for Miranda Lambert was how they got their first break.

  • 5

    Love Done Gone - Billy Currington

    Billy Currington rounds out this week's Top 5 with Love Done Gone, a song that was originally put on hold for George Strait. When George didn't record it, Billy grabbed it. A rare country song with a horn section and fittingly enough, they filmed the video in New Orleans.