The Upstate New York dancing farmer showed off his moves on Ellen. Before breaking it down on the dance floor, Jay Lavery sat down with Ellen.

Over 8 million people watched Lavery's barn dancing video. "My barn is really cold and I need to stay warm," he tells Ellen. "We also have a tin roof and when it snows and freeze, it comes down and scares the animals so I have music on to break up the sound. I play anything from classical to hip hop and if the mood strikes me I start dancing."

But why Sia  'Cheap Thrills?' "I love that song," says Lavery. "Every time it comes on I start dancing."

Lavery has received quite a few marriage proposals since the video went viral and tells Ellen he's appreciative. "Unfortunately we're kind of on the opposite team."

"Have you received any proposals from men" asks Ellen. "No. I don't know why they haven't."

Ellen tries playing matchmaker, saying "Now you know, you're free to make marriage proposals. "Send em," Lavery jokes.

Keeping warm in the barn isn't the only reason Lavery dances. "15 years ago I injured my back and never thought I could dance again. So to be able to move is great. The people who have responded have the same issues and they gave me incredible inspiration."

Lavery left with more than memories. Ellen gave the farmer a new pair of overalls, complete with her face on the front and a Sia hat.


Lavery couldn't leave before he showed off his dance moves, joining tWitch on the dance floor.


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