Ellen has been sending her employee Andy to a haunted house every year. He's going back this year with Eric Stonestreet from 'Modern Family.'

Ellen has been scaring Andy for the last three years. "I do it because he hates it and I love it. I assumed it would be less scary if I sent a friend with him. Turns out, I should not assume."

Even though Stonestreet is the bigger man, he either uses poor Andy as a shield throughout most of the haunted house or pushes him aside so he can get out faster.

"My muscles are all tense in my legs," Stonestreet tells Andy. "Well that's what happens," he replies between screams.

This could be the best haunted house trip Andy and Ellen have had yet. You'll have tears rolling down your face watching and laughing as Andy and Eric screams like a bunch of little girls.

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