Ellen DeGeneres is a huge fan of dancing! Every show, she opens with a huge dance party in which she includes the audience. She has applied this love of hers to raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer. Ellen started a campaign called #JustKeepDancing and that was enough to inspire two Rome women to get involved.

Stacey Camadine Borst and Mary Munney-Griffiths are two women who came up with the awesome idea to take this challenge to another level! They are hosting an event on Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at Lee Town Park in RomeThey want everyone to gather at 11:00 AM and be ready to dance! They are hosting this event in memory of their daughters Ayla Griffiths and Amanda King and to all the children we have lost to cancer, who are fighting cancer, and who are cancer survivors. It will only take about an hour to record the large scale dance video and the footage will be sent to 'The Ellen Show.'

Here at Big Frog 104, we were inspired to get dancing ourselves. We chose some of our favorite dances to get down to.

So, if that video inspired you (or scared you) we hope that you will show up to this event so that you participate in this great cause. Who knows, you may even end up on 'Ellen.'

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