Are there songs that just make you want to kick back and relax? I recently returned from vacation in Siesta Key, Florida. White sand, palm trees, sunshine, the beach, listening to the waves roar from the ocean - paradise! For me, no trip to the beach is complete without my headphones in and music in tow.

Taken by: TSM Intern Allison

Country music has some perfect songs for getaways. I've created a little playlist for those warm summer days and tropical vacations. Here are the top 5 country songs that are my all time favorites to play during this time of year!

Written by: TSM Intern: Allison

  • 1

    "Pontoon" - Little Big Town

    This song practically screams vacation. For me, there's no better song to listen to to get motivated for a fun and relaxing time away from home! Little Big Town certainly hit a home run with these lyrics!

  • 2

    "Day Drinking' - Little Big Town

    Without a doubt, Little Big Town definitely knows how to get their relaxation on! In their massive hit, 'Day Drinking', Little Big Town shares their carefree and fun attitudes - something we all should have when we're away!


  • 3

    "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" - Kenny Chesney

    Kenny Chesney is the master of relaxation. In fact, I think he is the king of fun, summer songs. This song has such a cool vibe and is the first song that I listen to as I sit in the sunshine and smell the salty ocean breeze.

  • 4

    "One Way Ticket" - Carrie Underwood

    What would a vacation be without a little bit of Carrie Underwood? I'm pretty sure this woman has a song for every moment in life and by far 'One Way Ticket' is my favorite. Coming off of her 4th studio album, 'Blown Away', this song is probably the most different kind of tune that Carrie sang. It's fun, funky, and something that I easily turn up to full volume and sing away!

  • 5

    "Kick The Dust Up" - Luke Bryan

    Anything that Luke Bryan sings is simply fun and awesome. His latest single, 'Kick The Dust Up' from his upcoming new album 'Kill The Lights' does not disappoint. It's one of those songs that you just want to drive around and blast.