This Dollar Drink Sounds Like the Vacation We All Need
A long week of work can oftentimes leave us in need of a vacation... like yesterday. Well in case you can't just drop everything and fly to Hawaii, Applebee's has the perfect drink that can substitute as a mini-vacay, even if you're on a budget.
Would You Ride on 'Titanic II' If You Had The Chance?
If you had the chance to ride on a ship that is an exact replica of the original Titanic, would you take it? Well, in 2018 people will have the opportunity to experience what it was like to be aboard the elegant cruise ship that had a tragic end. The only difference between the original White-Star L…
Disney Cruise Line to Sail Out of New York
Since the first Disney Park opened back in 1955 in Anaheim, California Disney has been known for their exceptional customer service and amazing vacation experiences. It was in 1998 that Disney took their amazing product to the sea with The Disney Cruise Line. Now this popular destination is coming b…
North Carolina Vacation
From beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, to hundreds of fish in the waves and deer in our front yard, now that's a vacation. We spent a week at Emerald Isle in North Carolina, where it was sunny and 85 every day.
Polly Wogg Enjoys Florida Sunshine and Wildlife [PHOTOS]
After spending a week in 80 degree weather in Florida, it's hard to adjust to snow and 20 degrees.  We were lucky enough to enjoy beautiful weather the entire time we were gone.  We enjoyed golfing 4 straight days, jet skiing on the ocean, strolling the streets in Venice and even managed to rest on …
Survey Shows Average Woman Over-Packs For Vacations
I know this has happened to me, and I'm sure there are guys out there who know what I'm talking about...You are going on a short trip with your girlfriend or wife, let's say for the weekend--two days. You pack a small bag with only the essentials. Then, you turn around to put your girlfriend's bag i…

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