What to wear? It's a daily dilemma for women. In this episode of 'What Women Think' see why women have nothing to wear, despite a closet full of clothes.

Every woman will tell you she has nothing to wear as she stares into her closet. The process of picking an outfit can take forever. We have to take so many things into consideration including the weather, is it going to be cold, what the day holds, will there be important people to see, does it match, and comfort.

There's nothing worse than finally choosing what to wear, making sure it matches and feeling comfortable, only to get to work and realize what you're wearing is dirty. Not only is there a spot on the front of your WHITE shirt, but a co-worker points out two more HUGE stains you didn't even see on the BACK.

The only bright side is realizing you're not alone. When I got home and tried to save my stained white shirt I found my daughter's white shirt in the laundry with a stain on it. It must run in the family.

This is why women have nothing to wear and people like myself and my daughter, should probably avoid wearing white.

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