There's Halloween displays and then there's Karl Housel's house. His Halloween attraction is one of the best in central New York. It's back for another season and you HAVE to see it.

Housel's yard in Canandaigua, New York is covered with hand crafted trees in different poses, some even lighted.

Photo Credit: Dave Lippa/TSM

Skeletons litter the lawn, some pulling a catapult....

Photo Credit: Dave Lippa/TSM

Some are even riding skeleton horses.

Photo Credit: Dave Lippa/TSM

And what would a Halloween display be without a graveyard?

Photo Credit: Dave Lippa/TSM

Taylor Kimball says his uncle has been creating elaborate displays for a long time. "Every year since I was a kid, but it's really grown a lot in the last several years. He's just a kid at heart, honestly."

Halloween isn't the only season celebrated at Housel's house. "His Christmas display is incredible too," says Kimball.

You can see one of the best Halloween displays around on County Road 4 in Hopewell, just off Smith Road.

Check out more pictures of the AWESOME display below and make plans to see it in person this year.

Halloween House

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