It was the clash of the country ladies from Team Blake on 'The Voice.' The battle rounds continued with Blake Shelton's team kicking off the night.


Liz Davis, who's been playing the Nashville bar scene for years, took on newcomer Nicole Johnson in the first battle of the night.  Blake choose his wife, Miranda Lambert's song 'Baggage Claim' for the two to sing which he said 'Miranda will be so proud of both of you when she hears this battle.' But Blake had small issues with both singers.  'Liz you were more laid back on stage then I expected and Nicole, for the first time, I heard you lose your breath a couple of times. I've never heard you do that before.'

Blake was torn between which country singer to keep for his team since they're 'both really good singers.'  In the end, experience won out and Blake went with Liz.  It's the first time I've disagreed with Blake's choice.  I thought Nicole did a better job and could go a long way.  If Liz makes it past the knockout rounds next week, I predict she'll be voted off the show early.  She's beautiful and can sing well. But to win 'The Voice,' you have to be amazing.

Listen to their battle and judge for yourself.  Who do you think did the better job?

Liz Davis vs. Nicole Johnson: "Baggage Claim"