The coaches pulled out all the stops to get the best singers on their team as blind auditions continue on 'The Voice.'

Blake Shelton had to fight hard for country hopeful Liz Davis.  Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake all turned their chairs for Davis who sang 'Here For the Party.'  Blake's pitch may have swayed Davis' decision to be on his team after he told her 'I'm not going to sit here and sell myself as the country guy.  I'm sorry, something is poking me in the back.'  Turns out he had brought his male vocalist of the year trophy.  But before he let the other judges speak, he reminded Davis 'as you listen to the barrage of crap that's about to enter into your ears from these two, just glance over every now and then and just realize I do have some connections in country music.'  It worked.  Liz choose to be on Blake's team.

Liz Davis 'Here For the Party'

Things didn't go so well for Blake with a number of other singers, including Melanie Martinez.  The quirky singer not only put her unique spin on Britney Spears' 'Toxic,' she also played guitar and the tambourine with her feet.  All three men turned their chairs for Melanie and put up a good fight to have her join their team.  In the end, she went with Adam Levine.

Melanie Martinez 'Toxic'

Blake also lost soulful singer Brian Scartocci to Adam.  Blake tried his best to sway Brian despite the fact they are 'from two different worlds.'  Instead of trying to convince Brian to join his team, Blake focused on what the two had in common.  'You have on jeans and a vest. I often wear jeans and a vest. You have a stinging scorpion on your belt buckle.  I have those in my house. You have soul, I have a soul.'  In the end it was Adam's connection with Stevie Wonder that may have made up Brian's mind, who sang 'Isn't She Lovely.'

Brian Scartocci's 'Isn't She Lovely'

The one to watch this season is Avery Wilson.  All four judges turned around for his amazing vocals on 'Without You.'  They were more stunned to find out Avery is only 16 years-old and has never had a music lesson.  Knowing he didn't have much of a chance of Avery choosing him Blake just said 'Hey man, my names Blake. I hit my button out of just absolute respect for your vocal ability. You're one of the guys who make this all worth it.'  Surprisingly, Avery choose to go with Cee Lo Green as his coach.  I thought for sure, he'd pick Adam.

Avery Wilson 'Without You'

Blind auditions continue tonight on NBC at 8.