Blake Shelton picked up singers like Taylor Swift picks up men during night two of the blind auditions on 'The Voice.' Voice-over talent E.G Daily, soulful Austin Jenckes and shy songwriter Holly Henry joined #TeamBlake.

E.G. Daily

E.G. Daily, who played Dotti in 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' and voiced Tommy Pickles in 'Rugrats,' had to choose between Cee Lo and Blake Shelton, who both wanted her on their team after her raspy version of 'Breathe.' Blake pleaded his case saying, 'It's not that often a singer comes along that can have that much rasp in their voice but also be able to hit all of the notes. Don't you think that sounds like a Team Blake thing?'  Although none of the other coaches thought so, E.G agreed and chose to join #TeamBlake.


E.G. Daily 'Breathe'

Austin Jenckes

Blake found himself competing with Cee Lo again for soulful songwriter Austin Jenckes who sang 'Simple Man.' Austin described himself as country/folk artist, and made Blake's day. 'Perfect. Absol-freakin-lutely perfect. You even look like the guy I'd hoped you'd look, like singing that song. Big ole dude, from up in the mountains, coming down axing trees on the way.'


Austin Jenckes 'Simple Man'

Holly Henry

It took Blake all of 2 seconds to turn around of shy songwriter Holly Henry who sang 'The Scientist.' 'Because of you, I'm officially excited about season 5 of 'The Voice.'' He told her. 'I've done fairly well in the past with females who are singer/songwriters and because I'm married to a singer/songwriter, that's gives me some insight with a young female who's trying to express themselves. Let's get together and win this thing.' Despite having all 4 coaches fighting to have Holly on their team, she choose Blake.

The coaches weren't the only one's moved by Holly's performance.  She's already doing well on iTun


Holly Henry 'The Scientist'

Tessanne Chin

The voice of the night came from Jamaican singer Tessanne Chin, who toured with reggae star Jimmy Cliff. All four coaches fought hard to have Chin join their team, but she choose to be on #TeamAdam who thinks she can 'win the whole thing this year.'


EG, Holly and Austin join Shelby Z, who was the first to join #TeamBlake.

The blind auditions continue when 'The Voice' returns next Monday on NBC at 8pm.

Local Musician Shawn Smith Auditioned For 'The Voice'

Local musician Shawn Smith, of the band Showtime, may be on the new season of 'The Voice .' He has been tight lipped about his audition since coming into the station last February to perform for Bill Keeler on our sister station WIBX. Today, he posted this I Auditioned photo on his Facebook page.