Country singer-songwriter Austin Jenckes stopped by the Big Frog studio to chat and play a couple songs before his show at Turning Stone.

He spent a good portion of his last week traveling around upstate New York with three dates in the area. The Duvall, Washington native is not used to tolls, and, like me, is still getting used to the whole system. Despite the fact that he thinks he has three unpaid tolls, Austin said he loves Central New York because of its scenery, which reminds him a lot of Washington.

"It actually reminds me a lot of the northwest, just the rivers and the trees and stuff," Austin said. "I love it up here, and I like it a lot better than the city because it reminds me of home."

Austin moved to Nashville quite some time ago, and took time between last week's New York shows to play the Grand Ole Opry. He made his Opry debut last month, where he received two standing ovations and was even asked to play an additional song. Beforehand, though, Austin said he was so stressed about stepping onto that stage and into the circle.

"My mom flew in from Washington and I had a lot of friends and family there, just hanging out that day," Austin said. "I was trying to figure out what I was gonna wear. I put like four different pairs of pants on--it doesn't make any sense."

Austin played two songs from his latest album, If You Grew Up Like I Did.  You can relive the full interview and hear his live performances of "American Nights" (5:30) and "If You'd Been Around" (11:05). We also went live on Facebook for his second song.

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