The talent on season 5 of 'The Voice' is amazing. The Top 12 will become the Top 10 after tonight, and it's going to be a tough call on who's going home.  Those who aren't going home will include Matthew Schuyler who took us all to church with 'Hallelujah,' 16-year-old Jacquie Lee, who can sing better than most seasoned stars, and Tessanne Chin, the early favorite.

#Team Blake

Cole Vosbury

Since everyone has 'The Voice' this season, it'll come down to song choice.  Cole Vosbury, who receive the only standing ovation from the crowd and the judges, closed out the show with 'Adorn.'  I wasn't familiar with the song but enjoyed his performance.  It was nice to see him from out behind his guitar.

Cole Vosbury 'Adorn'

Austin Jenckes

Singer/songwriter Austin Jenckes went country with Travis Tritt's 'It's A Great Day to Be Alive.' Coach Blake Shelton knows the power of country fans and wanted to give Austin extra voting power.  Plus Austin sings songs that tell a story.  There's no other genre that tells stories better than country music. Smart move. Maybe that's why he's won three years in a row.

Austin Jenckes 'It's A Great Day to Be Alive'

Ray Boudreaux

Ray Boudreaux has a silky smooth voice and he's easy on the eyes, however I was a little bored listening to him sing 'All of Me,' another song I wasn't familiar with.  I wouldn't be surprised if Ray is one of the two sent home tonight.  He has the ladies vote, that's for sure.

Ray Boudreaux 'All of Me'

Matthew Schuyler

Matthew Schuyler had the moment of the night for me. I actually watched his performance of 'Hallelujah' twice.  In addition to his amazing voice, he's a sophomore at college with straight A's.  So if the singing thing doesn't work out for him, he's got something to fall back on.  I'm pretty sure, with a voice like that, he'll be singing for many years to come.

Matthew Schuler 'Hallelujah'

Jacquie Lee

It's hard to believe Jacquie Lee is only 16 years old.  She sings better than some seasoned performers.  Although she sang a song I didn't know, I was memorized by her performance.  This girl could win this year, ruining Blake's 4peat chances

Jacquie Lee 'Love Is Blindness'

Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin has been an early favorite and I was looking forward to hearing her sing.  Her performance of 'My King of Love' was good, but I guess I was expecting a bit more.  A more familiar song would have been a wiser choice, but I doubt she'll be sent home tonight.

Tessanne Chin 'My Kind of Love'

Going Home?

In addition to Ray being in danger of going home, Josh Logan from #TeamXtina could be leaving.  I also wasn't impressed with anyone on #TeamCeeLoJonny Gray may get enough votes, since he was a veteran and it was Veteran's Day.  Caroline Pennell is unique, but the song choice was all wrong and Kat Robichaud can rock a stage, but I don't know if her crowd surfing will save her.  Not very many rockers have made it to 'The Voice' finals. Those that did were amazing and Kat is good, she's just not that good.

Two will be sent home tonight. Tune in to NBC tonight at 9pm to see who makes the Top 10. Who do you think will be eliminated?