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How Real Is The Risk Of Breast Cancer For Men?
It's natural to think that breast cancer only impacts women, but men are susceptible to the disease as well. A guy may not have breasts like that of lady, but breast tissue still exists. It's no doubt that more women are diagnosed than men, but the threat is real. According to the American…
Chenango County Girls Helping Women Battling Breast Cancer
Brett and Alicia Lein have three daughters. Brett is a tattoo artist, and every October he does pink ribbon tattoos to raise money for a phenomenal cause that helps women fighting breast cancer. With the nice weather upon us, Brett and Alicia's girls decided they wanted to follow in Daddy'…
Choir Sings a Martina McBride Song for Teacher with Cancer
There is nothing better than when a school community comes together to help support one of their own. In this case, it was the famous PS22 Chorus. Each year the Chorus leader sings a song with the group after the final rehearsal and this year, they decided to include Mrs. Adriana Lopez who had inspi…
Walking For Breast Cancer
Maryann Mazzaferro of Rome is taking her love of walking to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.
This weekend Maryann is off to New York City to take part in the 26 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

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