Breast cancer doesn't just affect your breasts. It can take over your entire body. Just ask Colleen Anderson who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2016 at the age of 39. "It was in my right breast, the lymph nodes in my neck, arm and 3 spots in my liver."

Colleen underwent 18 weeks of chemo, a double mastectomy and 35 rounds of radiation. With one treatment left after a year of maintenance 2 tumors were found in Colleen's brain. "After a double craniotomy and 5 rounds of stereotactic radiation I now have my head scanned every 2 months, and a body pet scan every 4 month. I also undergo chemo every 3rd Friday for the rest of my life."

Photo Credit - Colleen Anderson

If all that wasn't enough, Colleen needed a complete hysterectomy because of pre-cancerous spots on her ovaries. "Despite all of this I am not a victim. I am a single mother of a 13 year old daughter. I’m a sister, daughter, aunt and a friend to many."

Photo Credit - Colleen Anderson

Colleen is also not a fan of October or what some call pinktober. "Breast cancer is not pink. To me cancer is ugly, not a pretty color like pink."

Cancer kills, in many different ways. Colleen is using October to educate and raise money for the right causes. "We do not need to raise awareness, we all know it’s out there. We need to find a cure. Of all funds going to breast cancer research less than 2% goes to what I have, metastatic breast cancer."

If you want to help find a cure, donate to or, a cause close to Colleen's heart since all funds go to metastatic breast cancer research. She's hoping to raise $1000 during Breast Cancer Awareness month and she's over halfway there already.

If you know someone affected by breast cancer, email so we can honor the survivors and remember those who lost their battle during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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