Over this past weekend, Alyssa Sardelli married the love of her life that she met on Tinder five years ago and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. But there's something that you may not know about Alyssa that sets her wedding apart from, well just about ALL others.

For the past four years and at her VERY young age, she has been battling cancer in one way or another in her body and has had to undergo a double mastectomy AND most recently brain surgery to remove rather sizable tumors. Despite all that she's gone through and what it could mean for her future, her man Ryan wanted to marry her anyway and with the help of their community, he put together a wedding for her in just 5 days! You can see the results below and you may wanna get the tissues ready...

A GoFundMe page was set up to help with her medical expenses as she continues to battle this terminal disease. If you'd like to help, she's only a paltry $450 away from her $25k goal... Let's put her over the top!

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