Support continues to pour in for Jenna Hinman, the wife of a soldier diagnosed with stage 3 choriocarcinoma.  From donations to prayers, to messages of hope on Prayers For Jenna Facebook page.

He printed a "NICU Visitor" badge for her to symbolize that this hospital stay is just a stop on her journey to becoming the mommy she is meant to be

This mornings message showed what kind of person Jenna really is and how her fight is touching others. A security guard at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, where Jenna is being treated, discovered Jenna's countless visits to the hospital to support patients. He printed out a badge for her that now hangs on Jenna's hospital bed headboard, beside pictures of her twin babies.

Jenna went through several surgeries Friday and continues to fight to stay alive and hold her twin daughters, Azlynn and Kinleigh for the first time.


A fundraising campaign at and has raised over $50,000 since Tuesday March 11th.

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