The story that broke America's heart has taken a turn. Brandon Himan, the Ft Drum Sgt who lost his wife, Jenna Hinman in May, after a two month battle with a rare pregnancy related cancer, has been arrested for check fraud.

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Department arrested Hinman after receiving a tip. He's facing a felony charge of criminal possession of a forged instrument for trying to cash a

Hinman has not had any recent contact with Jenna's family - or his twin girls.

check at a Weedsport bank that wasn't his. Hinman was released on $2,500 bail.

Cayuga County Detective Sergeant Frederick Cornelius tells, ' He was not authorized to sign a check on that account. This is still very much an open investigation, we are not yet sure where it is going to lead us.'

When reached out to Jenna's mother Kim Blaisdell, she said 'she is aware of the arrest. Brandon Hinman has not had any recent contact with Jenna's family - or his twin girls.'

Sarah Born Photography
Sarah Born Photography

Azlynn and Kinleigh, who were born premature in March, were released from the hospital in April and stayed with Jenna's family.

A fund was set up for the twins at Donations have reached close to $200,000. There's no word if the check Hinman is accused of trying to cash was from that account.

No one can imagine what this family is going through during this difficult time. Everyone handles grief differently. I just hope the twins are well taken care of. That's the most important thing right now.

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