Jenna Hinman's parents are speaking out, after Jenna' widower Brandon Hinman was arrested on felony check fraud and grand larceny charges.

Kim and Jeff Blaisdell told police, Hinman took thousands of dollars from an account set up after donations started coming in for Jenna.  They claim it started before Jenna passed away in May, according to court documents from

The Blaisdells say they wanted to ask Brandon about the money before pressing any charges, but all he would tell them was 'it was in a safe place.' The account was closed in May after Brandon forged a check for Jenna's funeral.

Jeff Blaisdell says Hinman has taken over $45,000 from the original account, received another $137,000 from life insurance and $27,000 from t-shirt sales.

Hinman is now a civilian after being discharged from the Army.

According to court papers, the last time Brandon saw his daughters, was in June when Kim Blaisdell brought Azlynn and Kinleigh to Ft Drum.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Read the court papers.

The account set up for the twins, Azlynn and Kinleigh was set up by Jenna's uncle and can not be accessed by Brandon.

Azlynn and Kinleigh are doing well according to an update on Jenna's Legacy Facebook page.

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