Finally some good news for the family of Jenna Hinman. Her twin daughters, Azlynn and Kinleigh were born with hundreds of cancer cells in their bodies, but today they are cancer free.

An update on the girls, who are now 18 months old, was posted on Jenna's Facebook page. "Oncology appointments are a thing of the past for the girls, as the window of risk for them developing the pregnancy related cancer (choriocarcinoma) that took Jenna from us has passed."

Jenna's parents are raising Azlynn and Kinleigh who "are walking, talking, running and climbing these days."

Jenna may be gone but she's not forgotten. "Photos of Jenna are all around the house and if you ask the girls "Where's mommy?" they will run to her nearest photo and say "hi mommy" while trying to kiss the frame."

Surprise! Jenna's sweet little girls are 18 months old today and want to say "hello" to all of their mommy's friends!...

Posted by Twice Blessed: Jenna's Legacy on Thursday, September 3, 2015

The update on the girls comes during child cancer awareness month and is the first since the family announced they were closing the Twice Blessed: Jenna's Legacy Facebook page. "In the 11th hour as the page approached its scheduled deletion date Jenna's parents realized that this page is an important part of Jenna's legacy and that by keeping it alive Jenna's story could continue to touch the lives of others."

Will we get more updates in the future? "We are not exactly sure what the future of this page will look like but we do know that pressing the delete button proved to be unbearable."

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