As most celebrated the Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, Jenna Hinman's family mourned her loss, especially on her favorite holiday. Jenna not only cared for wounded soldiers, she held a special place in her heart for vet's and active duty soldiers an Each Memorial Day, Jenna could be seen at the local parade, wearing her husband SGT Brandon Hinman's dog tags.

Azlynn & Kinleigh

Jenna's family continues to pick up the pieces as her twins Azlynn and Kinleigh continue to grow. The girls are being tested monthly for choriocarcinoma, the cancer that took their mother too soon.  Thankfully, both remain healthy.

Sarah Born Photography
Sarah Born Photography

Rename Prayers For Jenna

Jenna’s family wants to change the name of Prayers For Jenna's Facebook page and their turning to her supporters for suggestions.  The top trending suggestion so far - Jenna's Legacy.

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