Blake Shelton paired country boy Brian Pounds and soulful Austin Jenckes, as the battle rounds continue on 'The Voice.' They performed the Bee Gee's 'To Love Somebody.'

Although Blake thought they both did a great job, he 'loved' Jenckes a little more and choose to keep him on Team Blake for the knock-out rounds, beginning next week. Blake thinks Jenckes is his ticket to another 'Voice' win and I tend to agree with him. That soulful voice is amazing and he's got the personality to match.

After keeping Jenckes, Blake was a little surprised no one stole Brian for their team.


The last of the battle rounds continues tonight at 9 on NBC.  Shawn Smith, the Boonville native who calls himself 'Big Sexy' will battle to remain on Team Cee Lo. Shelbie Z Sings 'Don't You Wanna Stay' on 'The Voice