Austin Jenckes is a 'Simple Man' with soul, who's hoping to move people one song at a time on 'The Voice.' He moved Blake Shelton to turn his chair during the blind auditions and continues to impress with his soulful voice and touching story.

Jenckes, who is from Duvall Washington, has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old. He says he fell in love with music because of his late father and performs with his dad's guitar. 'He taught me how to play on that guitar. And I did 'Simple Man' by Lynyrd Skynyrd for my blind audition and that's the song he had taught me how to play. I'm definitely up there trying to tell his story as well as mine.'

Austin Jenckes 'Simple Man'


Diverse Artist

Jenckes sings with soul but he doesn't considers himself a soul singer. 'I'm a singer/songwriter and have written over 200 songs. My goal with my music is to just tell a story and have some soul to what I do. I'm not talking about soul as a genre but more of an overall spirit to what I sing.'

Team Blake

Jenckes is on the right team with Blake Shelton, who knows a thing or two about telling a story. 'I love country music and I moved to Nashville two years ago. I've spent a lot of time diving into country music where the songs mean something. That's what I love.'

Jenckes is getting so much more from his coach then just great advice 'Blake is one of those guys who's so comfortable to be around. He's so hilarious. It's great.'


Predicted Winner

I've watched 'The Voice' since the first season and have been pretty accurate when it comes to predicting the winner. This year I think Austin is the guy to watch. He could be the one who gives Blake his 4peat!  'Whoa that's some big shoes to fill. That means the world to me. This is what I'm here to do, so I'll stop at nothing to make that happen.'

Jenckes is on to the live rounds that begin Monday night at 8 on NBC, where it's up to America. You can follow Austin on Facebook or on Twitter at @austinjenckes


Win or lose, Jenckes looks like he'll fit right in, in country music. He resembles Zac Brown doesn't he?


Austin Jenckes Interview

Hear what Jenckes has to say about what it's like to compete against his friends and hearing positive feedback from all the coaches.

Battle Round 'To Love Somebody'

Knockout Round 'I'll Be'