Restaurants in Syracuse can reopen for indoor dining as New York State reviews a recent court ruling.

The ruling in Erie County allowed a few select restaurants in Orange Zones to reopen for indoor dining as if they were in Yellow Zones.

Kumiki Gibson, Counsel to Governor Cuomo, announced in a statement yesterday that while the state is reviewing the decision, all Orange Zone restaurants will be allowed to seat guests inside.

"While that process is ongoing, to ensure uniformity and fairness, all restaurants operating in Orange Zones can now operate under rules governing Yellow Zones," Gibson wrote in the statement. "We disagree with the court's decision and its impact on public health as Federal CDC data clearly demonstrates indoor dining increases COVID-19 spread. From the start of this pandemic, the State has acted based on facts and the advice of public health experts, and we will continue that approach."

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Governor Cuomo moved parts of New York, including the city of Syracuse and a few surrounding suburbs, to Orange Zones late last year as COVID infection rates began to rise yet again in those areas.

Despite attempts to adapt through take-out options, many Central New York restaurants have had to close their doors temporarily, or in some cases, for good, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Orange Zone restrictions.

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