Adam Sandler's 1999 comedy, 'Big Daddy,' is arguably one of his best films. Central New York especially loves this movie because of the several references to Syracuse. If you have seen the film then you couldn't have missed all of them, but if you've only seen it a few times or not at all, take a better look.

***Be Advised some of the movie clips on this page contain NSFW language.***

Here Are a Few Clips Where Syracuse is Mentioned:

Notice the Syracuse shirt underneath Sandler's Sweatshirt.

Same outfit, but a different scene.

In this short 2:22 trailer you can see even more Syracuse gear.

It's always cool to see something that reminds you of your hometown in a major motion picture. Sandler even references the pain of being a Syracuse football fan when he tells his girlfriend in the opening line, "This is a rough patch in my life right now, Syracuse is 0-3." Go 'Cuuuuse!

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